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A show is posted each day for rating by viewers

Welcome to the Daily TV Show community. This a place for you to rate and discuss the daily TV show posted.
You can rate them 1-10; 1 is the worst, 10 being the best. Please comment if you have seen the show as these are essential to making this community work by encouraging debates about the shows.
There are also questions about which season or character you prefer. All character and season lists will be taken from the IMDb and the list of characters should only include those who have appeared on the shows main credits throughout its run.

If you have any other comments or suggestions, if you would like a tv series to feature or any additions to our user info please email me at arsenal_fan@livejournal.com

To view and vote on TV Shows previously posted click 'List of TV shows' above.

You do not need to join the community. Merely friending it will keep you fully updated.
YOU DON'T NEED POSTING ACCESS as the TV Shows are posted every day for you to COMMENT on.


I want to have a wide range of TV Shows on this community. If you want to see one of your favourites or have a suggestion that could enhance this community, reply to this post.

Feel free to promote a show that appears to the appropriate fandoms but I ask that you make sure promoting is allowed in the rules of the community first.

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